One of many value-added services offered by Victoria Helicopters is aircraft appraisals. Victoria works with independent ASA-certified appraisers to offer our clients consistent, professional, Independent, Impartial, and cost-effective aircraft appraisals. Our appraisals are never automatically generated from an online database or computer software. Whether you plan to sell your aircraft or just need a current valuation for financing or insurance purposes, Victoria is here to help.

Victoria Helicopters Only Uses ASA-Certified Appraisers

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) is one of only two internationally recognized certification authorities for aircraft appraisers, and all Victoria Helicopters appraisals are performed by ASA-certified appraisers. Appraisers who hold a professional designation from ASA provide the best valuation expertise available in the market today. The ASA designation provides peace of mind to clients that they have hired the most highly qualified, ethical, and experienced professional available and that the appraiser is an expert who will provide professional, accurate, and full asset value appraisals. Due to the complex nature of appraisal work, education and experience are crucial. That is why ASA requires extensive coursework and testing to build a solid knowledge foundation, thorough peer-evaluation of an appraisal report, and 10,000 hours or five years of experience to receive the ASA designation.

Steps in the Appraisal Process

  • Identify the Purpose of the Appraisal: Client tells us the purpose of the aircraft appraisal (prospective sale, financing, insurance, etc.)
  • Data Gathering & Research: Appraiser gathers aircraft information from Client, including maintenance & inspection status, aircraft & engine total time and cycles, installed equipment, damage history, and aircraft images
  • Data Analysis & Approach to Value: Appraiser conducts market research, gathers specific data on aircraft options and features, researches comparative sales, and determines the appropriate Approach to Value (usually Sales Comparison Approach)
  • Development of Appraisal Report: Appraiser provides Fair Market Value (FMV); Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), if needed; determines Diminution of Value, if any, from damage history; result is a 20+ page report
  • Appraiser Credentials: Appraiser summarizes definitions, assumptions & conditions, extraordinary assumptions, hypothetical conditions, and appraiser experience & credentials

Information Required to Perform an Appraisal

To perform a comprehensive aircraft appraisal, Victoria Helicopters will need the following information on your asset:

  • Aircraft Registration & Serial Number
  • Engine(s) and Transmissions Serial Numbers
  • Airframe Total Time and Landings
  • Engine and Component Times, Cycles and Time Since Overhaul (Component Time Sheet)
  • Full Maintenance & Inspection Tracking Report (CAMP, FlightDocs or other tracking program)
  • Aircraft Equipment List and/or Sales Specification Sheet
  • Aircraft Images: Exterior front ¼ shot, 90-degree side shot (both sides); Interior front-to-back shot and Interior back-to-front shot; Cockpit/Panel/Center Console shots

Victoria is ready to get started on your aircraft appraisal. Call us and we will send you our fee schedule and Appraisal Information Sheet. If you decide to list your aircraft for sale with Victoria Helicopters, your aircraft appraisal is performed as part of our new aircraft listing process and requires no initial out of pocket expense.

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